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Using WVDAdmin for Azure Windows Virtual Desktop in 2-AAD-Environment (Microsoft Demo Case)

Using Azure Starter for Azure Windows Virtual Desktop in 2-AAD-Environment (Microsoft Demo Case)

Automatic MSIX App Attach script for Windows Virtual Desktop

Automatic MSIX App Attach script for WVD

PolarConf 2019 - Building own solutions whit Azure Monitor

In October I visited Finland the very first time to speak at PolarConf and I have to say: It was amazing. A great single track event over two days. It...

Announcing the community version of "Project MySmartScale"

Windows Virtual Desktop is released and gateways around the world are available - even in Europe which cause in a low latency - perfect.

Workshop Azure Monitor - Lessons

To get practice in using Azure Monitor, I have prepared some examples. These examples can be recreated with a little PowerShell. I have prepared more complex program parts. These can...

On the road - My next speaking engagements

I’m happy to be a part of a great community. On my journey, I have the possibility to speak at some conferences, meetups and other events. And I loved it....

CDC Germany: RDS and Windows Virtual Desktop – Desktops in the year 2019 and beyond

From 21. to 22. April 2019 the annual Cloud and Datacenter Conference took place in Hanau/Frankfurt in Germany. It’s one of my favorite community events in Germany. This year I...

Publish your solution to the Azure Marketplace

Publishing own solutions to the Azure Marketplace seems to be very easy by using the documentation on To avoid any pitfalls I wrote down some insights about my first...

Why configuring Azure AD authentication with an Azure Web App fails

I spent hours today adding Azure AD authentication to an Azure MVC web application with Visual Studio. I always got the same error while adding the preconfigured AD application:

Creating devices for Azure IoT Hub with SAS token automatically

A few weeks ago, I started an IoT project with a company responsible for a huge amount of different buildings around the world. We deployed several virtual and physical sensors...

OneDrive PowerShell Module - Added support for OneDrive for Business

More than two years ago, I created my PowerShell module to access OneDrive. This module can be installed with a one-liner from