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The blog is part of ITProCloud GmbH. The company is focused on developing software solutions to make working in IT easier. I’m writing this blog to share my experiences in IT focused on Microsoft Azure.

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I started my IT career in the early 1990s with first contacts to personal computers (and before that with the Commodore 64). Assembler and hardware-related programming were in my focus – the IoT of the 90s.

In the year 1995, I started studying electrical engineering. During my studies, machine learning and neural networks were one of my favorite topics. In addition to my studies, I worked for a small computer company in Aachen, where I provided operating systems and applications with automated methods on many computers.

I graduated as an engineer in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Science Aachen.

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If you are hosting events realted to the Azure Cloud, IoT, Development, Azure Monitor, etc. I would be happy to support this event with content. Feel free to contact me.

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