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The challenge of having the correct language in the Edge browser with Azure Virtual Desktop in West Europe

If you run Azure Virtual Desktop in a data center in another country, you maybe know that the browsers are showing some websites in the data center location language. For...

Azure Virtual Desktop: Logging session host state to Log Analytics to show state and sessions over time

I had some presentations over the last weeks where I showed how to create images with PowerShell and how to deploy these images as new session hosts - also with...

Azure Virtual Desktop Session Hosts with Azure Disk Encryption

Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop and WVDAdmin are supporting ADE for AVD Session Hosts.

Automatically add or change Azure Active Directory computer objects on-demand

Hybrid joined AVD session hosts are great for working with conditional access, Intune (MEM), access to Azure files, and other AAD integrated services.

Honey-Potting in Azure and Unfavorable Account Names

As everybody knows, running a Windows system in Azure unprotected is not a good idea. To get access to an Azure VM, Azure Bastion or VPN are recommended.

Securing an app service, a key vault, and a database with private endpoints

A typical Azure application uses an app service representing the front end, a database to store the data and configuration settings, and a key vault to keep secrets (like the...

Azure Trusted Launch and Custom Images - even for AVD

Trusted launch for Azure virtual machines is currently in public preview ( The trusted launch has some benefits, like:

Debugging Azure Virtual Desktop errors/issues/network latency and bandwidth with an interactive Workbook

Correctly configured, Azure Virtual Desktop sends diagnostic data to a log analytics workspace (Azure Monitor). There are several logs containing data about the events in the backend:

WVDAdmin - Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Administration for CSP and Consulting Partners

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Administration for CSP and Consulting Partners

Get alerted if Azure Virtual Desktop fails - AVD Monitoring and alerting with Loganalytics / Azure Monitor

Monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop is important to get insights into the performance and resource usage and alert if something generally goes wrong. Especially, getting alerted if something goes wrong is...

Azure Virtual Desktop: Reserved Instances or Scaling

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about saving money by smartly switching the disk types of Azure VMs. But what’s about using reserved instances instead of switching VMs...