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Automatically add or change Azure Active Directory computer objects on-demand

Hybrid joined AVD session hosts are great for working with conditional access, Intune (MEM), access to Azure files, and other AAD integrated services.

Honey-Potting in Azure and Unfavorable Account Names

As everybody knows, running a Windows system in Azure unprotected is not a good idea. To get access to an Azure VM, Azure Bastion or VPN are recommended.

Securing an app service, a key vault, and a database with private endpoints

A typical Azure application uses an app service representing the front end, a database to store the data and configuration settings, and a key vault to keep secrets (like the...

On the road - My next speaking engagements

I’m happy to be a part of a great community. On my journey, I have the possibility to speak at some conferences, meetups and other events. And I loved it....

CDC Germany: RDS and Windows Virtual Desktop – Desktops in the year 2019 and beyond

From 21. to 22. April 2019 the annual Cloud and Datacenter Conference took place in Hanau/Frankfurt in Germany. It’s one of my favorite community events in Germany. This year I...