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Updating or cloning a Azure VM with standard security to trusted launch with secure boot and vTPM

Updating or cloning a Azure VM with standard security to trusted launch with secure boot and vTPM

Note: If your source VM is based on the VM generation V1, follow this post to convert your VM: Creating a Windows Azure VM Generation V2 from a V2 VM. Also, follow the link if you want to have an exact copy (and not a clone) of your VM.

If you once installed an Azure VM with the standard of security, you can not convert this VM into a trusted launch-enabled VM with secure boot and vTPM. But that is sometimes necessary, e.g., if you want to upgrade from Windows 10 multi-user to Windows 11 multi-user.

But there is a way to do that. You could capture your existing VM and store the image in a secure boot enabled. Compute Gallery definition in Azure. From this image version, you can create a new VM with a security-type trusted launch.

  • Create an Azure Compute Gallery “Conversion_Gallery” in the same resource group of your VM
  • Add an Image Definition “Secure-VM”
    • Security Type: Trusted Launch
    • OS state: Generalized
    • Tick “Accelerated networking” if this is enabled on your original VM
    • Fill Publisher, Offer, SKU with some information
    • Click Review+Create, Create

Capturing the original VM

I’m using WVDAdmin to prevent that I must sysprep my original VM. WVDAdmin first makes a clone of the original VM and runs sysprep on the clone. In the end, I have an image in a compute gallery and the untouched original VM.

In WVDAdmin:

  • Azure -> Virtual Machines -> Resource Group -> Right-click the VM and select “Create a template image”
  • Enter an image name (no spaces)
  • Select the resource group of the VM as Target RG
  • Tick “Use Azure Compute Galleries”
  • Select your Gallery and Gallery definition
  • Your region from the list
  • Hit “Capture”
  • This will take a while to clone the VM, create an image and upload it to the image gallery.

Note: You can delete the also-created custom image (we only need the gallery image)

Deploying a new secure boot-enabled VM from the image

With WVDAdmin or in the Azure Portal, you can create a new VM from that image containing all the applications. Please note that the new VM has a new name and compute identity.

  • Go to the gallery definition in the Azure Portal and select your uploaded version.
  • Hit + Create VM
  • Fill out all parameters and ensure that you select the security type “Trusted Launch”

After the deployment, you have a new trusted launch-enabled VM based on your - still existing - original VM.