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Azure Windows Virtual Desktop - Azure Starter for WVD

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop - Azure Starter for WVD

This month I started to build my fourth tool around Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. This new one, called “Azure Starter for WVD” is a self-service portal for users using WVD. In this portal, which is a web app with Azure AD authentication, users can start and stop (deallocate) their personal assigned session host - which in this case are VDIs.

The user doesn’t need access nor permission to the Azure portal or the virtual machines. The authentication of the web app handles the action itself.


The newest implementation adds a new feature: You can configure that running VMs are deallocated if no user is logged in. That handles in combination with a group policy that personally assigned session hosts to go down after a specific time of idling.

A session host can be assigned to a specific user using my admin GUI for WVD: WVDAdmin

Go to the documentation and deploy this free solution to Azure: