PolarConf 2019 - Building own solutions whit Azure Monitor

In October I visited Finland the very first time to speak at PolarConf and I have to say: It was amazing. A great single track event over two days. It was the first conference where I had a speak with only one track. And I have to say: It’s a really good concept. No half-full tracks and missing the feeling you miss a parallel track (or simple: you have not to decide between two or more tracks).

What to say about Finland: It an amazing country in the north of Europe with some touch from the Swedish and Russian cultures. It looks very clear, focused and with a sustainable mindset on the subject of environmental protection. And finally: I love the sauna culture.

But back to the conference: I had the chance to talk about building own solutions with Azure Monitor. Finalize the session I put the presentation I held here: [PolarConf 2019 - Build your own Azure Monitor solution.pdf](../assets/files/PolarConf 2019 - Build your own Azure Monitor solution.pdf)

Site information: One part of my presentation was to show the Tweet count with #PolarConf with Azure Monitor. Thanks to @techmike2kx

![PolarConf Tweets](../assets/images/PolarConf Tweets.png)