Working interactively with user sessions in Azure Virtual Desktop

Handling user sessions in AVD could be more intuitive in the Azure Portal. Luckily, some tools (like WVDAdmin, Hydra, and others) are available to make it easier. I made a new approach without the need to install an application or tool: I published an Angular client application that displays user sessions for Azure Virtual Desktop - including an autorefresh. Additionally, sessions can be disconnected or logged out, or messages can be sent to them. The Angular application runs in the user’s browser and communicates directly with the Azure API. There is no processing of data on the web server. The application runs in the context and with the logged-in user’s permissions (similar to a PowerShell application). The application is automatically terminated when the browser is closed.

Feel free to give it a try. Please use the least needed permissions to log in at your own risk.

PS: There are no plans to rebuild WVDAdmin or Hydra as an angular application ;-)