WVDAdmin supports AAD only deployments for AVD / WVD - AAD: Azure AD

One of the announcements of the Microsoft Inspire 2021 was the option to join session hosts #AAD only. I’m happy to have the implementation also ready in #WVDAdmin.

There are some prerequisites for AAD joined session hosts:

  • Host pool in a validation environment
  • RDP settings contains targetisaadjoined:i:1
  • User must have RBAC with role Virtual Machine User Login or Virtual Machine Administrator Login to the VM or resource group
  • Client device must be AAD joined (or use the web interface)

Even FSLogix cannot be used.

Check the full description here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/deploy-azure-ad-joined-vm

To rollout a session host AAD only tick “AAD only” in the rollout tab. OU, domain user and password are not needed.

An AAD-only session host shows up with the host name in the session host list - the domain suffix is missing. You can also check Azure AD to verify the connection to the AAD domain.

WVDAdmin: https://blog.itprocloud.de/Windows-Virtual-Desktop-Admin/

What’s about #Hydra? Hydra auto-scales and manages even AAD only joined session host. Early next week, you can deploy AAD only hosts even with #Hydra

More about my project “Hydra”: https://github.com/marcelmeurer/wvd-hydra