Hydra: Automize, scale and manage Windows Virtual Desktop / Azure Virtual Desktop like a pro - including multi-tenancy

Project Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop Six months ago, I started a new project to provide a solution to manage Azure Virtual Desktop / Windows Virtual Desktop in an automated way. It was thought of as a complement to #WVDAdmin and focused on doing some tasks automatically. For example:

  • Autoscale – Multi-Session hosts – Power-on-connect support – Schedules – Autopilot: Automatically scales up/down/create/remove based on the usage of a host pool – Deploy hosts on-demand - including ephemeral VMs based on a custom image
  • VDI – Auto deallocate session hosts
  • Granular session timeouts
  • Auto Health
  • and a lot more

Even the autoscaling part works very well. It goes hand-in-hand with Power-On-Connect and can pre-provide temporary session hosts with ephemeral disks. And for sure: It down-scales the environment.

More about my project “Hydra”: https://github.com/marcelmeurer/wvd-hydra